Ewok Rabbitry

Where quality always comes before quantity.


Welcome to Ewok Rabbitry!

Ewok Rabbitry was formed in 2006, and became an ARBA registered rabbitry in 2008. The Rabbitry is run from home and is located in Homestead, Florida. We only breed Holland Lop rabbits. 

 We have rabbits for sale throughout the year, including: pets, show, and breeding animals.
Be sure to check out the For Sale page for any rabbits available now (babies and adults), and my Recent Breeding's page for babies coming soon!

ARBA Registered Rabbitry # B138

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Colors I am working with:

  • Black
  • Black Tort
  • Sable Point
  • Orange
  • Halrequin
  • Blue 
  • Blue Tort
  • Opal
  • Cream
  • & Broken in all colors

In our background!:

L&R, LOV's, Camelot, Schwandt's Diamond D's, Washburn Wabbits, White River, Ivy, THF Saynora, Gavin, Vanstelle, Broo, LL, Ormond, Y&K, Raintree, Cammack, NGF, Campo, Raney, Riverbend..... and many more!