Ewok Rabbitry

Where quality always comes before quantity.


1) Not all rabbits born will be sold.

2) I have the right to refuse a sale if at any time it seems necessary.

3) Babies are NEVER sold under 8 weeks old.

4) If you decide you want a baby that is not ready to go yet, you can have it put on hold until it is ready to go. To HOLD a bunny, I require a 50% non-refundable deposit. This means that after you have paid the deposit, if you change your mind at any time about getting the bunny, you do not get your money back.

5) All bunnies will be healthy at the time of sale, and once they leave my care, it is the new owner's responsibility to keep the bunny in good health. I do offer a 48 hour healthy guarantee. Should your rabbit become ill or pass away, notify me immediately and I will discuss the situation with the buyer.

6) Please be aware that you are purchasing a LIVE animal. They need to be fed, cleaned and LOVED daily. I will gladly take back any bunny that cannot be cared for, but due to past circumstances, I will not buy back bunnies. 

7) If you put a bunny on HOLD, the bunny will need to be picked up no later than two weeks after you leave a deposit.  

8) No strictly pet quality rabbit will come with a pedigree. They will still come with a baggie of food.

9) All show/brood quality rabbits will be sold with a pedigree and a baggie of food.

10) I cannot guarantee that any rabbit sold as a "show" or "brood" rabbit will always win, or give you babies. I can, however, give you my opinion of the rabbit and their history of wins if they have done well and there previous litters if any.

11) If you decide to purchase a rabbit from me, call or email me. My contact information is on my "contact me" page. Please do not leave a message to purchase a rabbit on my guestbook page. I might not see it and sell the rabbit you want to someone else.

12) If you are coming to pick up a rabbit, make sure you have something to take it home in. I am not responsible to have a carrier for the rabbit you plan to purchase.

13) Please be courteous, I am inviting you into my home and expect the same respect that you would want in your home. Please do not bring pets unless you have contacted me about it ahead of time.

15) Parents, If you are bringing young children, please make sure they are on their best behavior. Restless activities will scare the bunnies.

15) I do not sell bred rabbits, nor do I stud out my bunnies.

16) Smile!  You're getting a bunny!


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