Ewok Rabbitry

Where quality always comes before quantity.


Each bunny that is for sale is priced according to their quality.
All of my rabbits (unless stated otherwise) make good pets!
Show/Breeding rabbits:
Show/Breeding rabbits meet qualifications in order to be shown. These rabbits will have minimum (if any) faults, and no disqualifications at the time of sale. These rabbits start at $75 and go up depending on quality, background, wins, and their production.
Breeding only rabbits:
 These rabbits either have something that makes them ineligible to show, such as a marking or weight issue, or are more of "parts" bunnies. "Part" bunnies are bunnies that have good aspects, but may have faults, such as good front end, but pinched hindquarters.  They start at $50 and go up depending on quality, background, and their production.
Pet only rabbits:
These are rabbits that are retired from showing and breeding and need great forever homes! These rabbits are usually 2 yrs old & up. All pet only rabbits are listed at $40.

Be sure to check the "nestbox babies" page for babies that will be ready to go soon!


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