Ewok Rabbitry

Where quality always comes before quantity.

About Ewok Rabbitry

The Rabbit "Barn" :)

I used to keep my rabbits on my back porch with shading and fans going, but with the heat and humidity, it was miserable for the bunnies. With that being said,I decided to invest in a shed and had an AC system installed to not only keep the bunnies cool, but improve their condition and overall health.

I currently have a 50 hole rabbitry. 15 of those cages primarily for mothers and their babies.

These aren't the greatest pictures, but it is a work in progress!

What I feed

Currently I feed all the rabbits PenPals 16%, which has made a major impact on my rabbitry. I switched over from Purina Show feed because I found myself losing too many rabbits. As soon as I switched over, you could see that they had much better flesh condition and their coats felt much smoother. They also started eating more food!

As an additional aid to keeping them in good show condition, I feed them a homemade conditioner that is a mixure of oats, barley,black oil sunflower seeds, flaxseed, vitamin D, and calf manna.


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